Prayer with Medical Help Miracles

Precious Blood of Jesus Cure

My grandson, Christopher, was a normal kid. He was born normal, and then at the age of six, one day he came home to my house. He was playing outside, and he walked up to me and said he had something in his hand. I squeezed his hands and noticed something was wrong. And he […]


Couldn’t Be Born – Alive

I’m 77 and I couldn’t be born and the doctor said to my father, “We have to make a decision either, save the baby or the mother.” And my grandmother heard this and said, “No, we are going to save both.” Remember this is before MRI’s or ultra sounds. All my grandmother had was a […]


Mary’s Intervention Saved My Son

Six years ago, my son, Gregory, on Thanksgiving weekend, went to a bar with some friends. He wasn’t the designated driver; a young woman who he had never met before was, and she was drinking and drunk. She was driving down this windy road we lived on in Connecticut at 2:00 am going seventy miles […]


Written off as Dead – Alive

Back in 1993, I was hit by an automobile in New York; I had severe hemorrhaging in my brain. I went into a coma, and went to the emergency room. They had me on life support, and the doctor there told my parents that I had a 5% chance to live after the brain surgery, […]


New Kidney

My sister, Marie, was very sick. She was dying. We prayed to the Lord because she suffered in the past with lupus, and it destroyed her kidney completely. My brother donated one of his kidneys to her, and then she had two beautiful kids but it was too much for her kidney and the kidney […]