Life Time of Mental Illness – Gone

Three of my five children were born with great mental illness. But it became just horrible, when my oldest child was 14; she became extremely ill, which prevented her from living a normal life, since she was psychotic and always on the verge of dying/killing herself or others. My oldest son, became extremely ill, like […]


Hit by a Truck Changed My Life

On June 16, 2012, a truck hit me on the crosswalk, and I flew, according to the witnesses 30ft. I thought I died, but I was awake and my leg was broken in three places. I was shocked I landed with no face lacerations. This was a near death experience for me. Now every day, […]


Unspeakable Tragedies – Joy

I have suffered many unspeakable tragedies throughout my life and when I was at my lowest, I finally went to God with a truly open heart and God filled me with untold blessings and joy. Now, I have the most wonderful relationship with God, and if I could have a second chance to remove the […]


Loss of two babies

I have two babies that God took to Heaven. I know, God loves us, and He is constantly drawing us closer to Him with His endless Mercy. Yes, God allowed my babies to die. I don’t understand why. I don’t need to understand why God does what He does. However, my little ones are in […]