Prayer Request


Today’s Miracles of Christ (Lifting Our Values) will pray whole heartedly for your requests. We ask that you also lift up your needs to the Lord. When praying, go to the Lord with the real belief that He can cure and help you. Remind yourself what the Lord has done in the past for others and the miracles He is performing today. Believe in Him. Call out to God, knowing He loves you, “If it is Your will, please (state your intention).”


The different ways God answers or does not answer our prayers:


1. Sometimes, God answers our prayers right away.
2. Sometimes, He wants us to amend our sins first before He will heal/help us.
3. Sometimes, what we are asking for is not what is good for us.
4. Sometimes, the greatest good is for us to wait for His help/cure.
5. Sometimes, God helps/heals us, and we do not even recognize it; because it was not how we were expecting.
6. Sometimes, we seek His help/healing but our faith (belief He can heal—our grace in us) is too weak causing us to reject His help.
7. Sometimes, the cross (what we are suffering) is what is best.


But whatever happens, you want to accept everything the Lord wills for you as the greatest good for the salvation of your soul, because this is what God desires. God Wants You In Heaven. God did not leave Heaven to teach and heal us to show us how to have a great life on earth, but to save us. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners “ (1 Timothy 1:15).


Everything God allows to happen in our lives is to lead us to salvation (a saving and then perfect faith). Yes, His healing and help will benefit our earthly lives, but salvation is His goal. We are not saved (can accept God’s saving forgiving mercy He died to give us) by just “saying” we believe, but by allowing Jesus to save us: to transform our hearts into a saving faith of true love for God and true contrition for all of our sins.


With each response to our prayer requests, He is doing what is best for us—for our eternal life. It is our role to trust in Him and seek to learn, change and accept His grace so He can change us through everything.


Most of the time, our desires when we seek God for help/healing are for worldly reasons and far from the pure desires we should have. But God will try to use our desires, no matter what they are, to help move us towards a saving faith of true love for Him (true hatred for every sin).


You must truly believe God will never allow anything to happen to you that would lead to your doom. We only fall to doom when we do not trust in Him, reject His grace, and seek our own will. Therefore, if the Lord wills you to suffer, then praise God and say, “Thy will be done.” Then pick up your cross and follow Christ, and ask the Lord for the strength to live His will, so He can transform you through the cross.


If the Lord wills to cure you or respond to your request exactly as you have asked then Praise God too, seeking Him to transform you into having a greater love for Him (a greater desire to not offend Him). How many times has God helped us, and we have not changed at all… we continue in our sins (loving our sins) not even trying to stop offending God, in return for all He has done for us. Oh, we must change. He wants us to grow into true hatred for all our sins, not to continue desiring them.


Yet, no matter what God allows, the Lord is calling you to Him for eternal life through your life’s trials and blessings.


If you feel God is not answering your prayers because of your sins, then amend your life; change. He wants to heal you… your sins are preventing Him. Frankly, our sins are the sole reason for all our life’s miseries and what causes our rejection of God (our eternal doom). Therefore, our goal is to seek Christ to help/heal us so we can leave them (detach from our sins) to love and attach to Him.

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