Mary’s Intervention Saved My Son

Six years ago, my son, Gregory, on Thanksgiving weekend, went to a bar with some friends. He wasn’t the designated driver; a young woman who he had never met before was, and she was drinking and drunk. She was driving down this windy road we lived on in Connecticut at 2:00 am going seventy miles an hour and drove into the woods and hit a bunch of trees. Only one person, a young man who was 21 years old, heard the crash. He jumped out of bed and looked out the window and didn’t see anything and went back to bed. Then something made him get up again and look with a little pen light. Finally he saw the tail lights of the car, and went out there to the crash scene. When he arrived nobody was alert except the driver who was screaming, but he couldn’t open any of the doors. Then, after calling the 911, the paramedics came within 10 mins. They had to use the jaws of life to remove my son and the others. My son was unresponsive, and they had to put him on a ventilator. When paramedics got him to the hospital, they said he had a torn aorta, and normally people don’t survive the crash seen with such an injury. But there happen to be a hematoma that kept him from bleeding out and there happened to be one of best surgeons, to perform that kind of surgery, checking on a patient at the hospital.
We got called and found out that he was in the ER. I never prayed the rosary before, and all I knew was it was one Our Father and ten Hail Mary’s so I just started praying. I didn’t know what else to do. While I was praying the rosary, I felt Mary’s presence. She held me and told me he was going to be ok.
The hospital staff called us from in the waiting room, and told us he survived the surgery, but they didn’t know what kind of brain damage he would have from the lack of oxygen. Shortly later my son woke up and he was a monster. He didn’t know who we were and he was swearing. And for about two weeks we didn’t know how bad the brain damage was. Then a doctor came in one day and asked my son, “Who is that lady over there?”, and my son responded, “That is my crazy mom”. Finally my son knew who we were. However, he didn’t know anything. He had to go through intensive rehab. If you gave him a fork he didn’t know what to do with it. Then after a year, he was totally fine. He went back to school and now he has his master’s degree. God is good and now I run a legion of Mary group at church and dedicate my life to Mary. To Christ Through Mary.

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  • Fran says:

    Thanks be to God for our Blessed Mother. Thank-you so much for sharing this amazing event. Please pray for my sons, Jon, Rory, Tobias , Robert and Christopher. Blessed be your son and your whole family. Fran .

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