Written off as Dead – Alive

Back in 1993, I was hit by an automobile in New York; I had severe hemorrhaging in my brain. I went into a coma, and went to the emergency room. They had me on life support, and the doctor there told my parents that I had a 5% chance to live after the brain surgery, and if I did live, I would be a vegetable.

About 2 or 3 o’clock that morning, I have a cousin that is a Bishop, he had a dream that night, and the devil told him, “I’m going to destroy your family, and I’m going to start with your cousin Eli.” So he woke up from his dream, and he felt like he should call my parents to tell them, and it wound up that I was in ICU getting ready to go into brain surgery. I past away on the table, and everyone was praying. The entire New York City Church of Christ was praying, and then I came out of the coma about seven days later with full capacity.

Dr. Hollis called me his miracle patient because he basically had written me off and suggested to my parents that they remove me from life support while I was in ICU. But God is great. Jesus is the man, and here I am.

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  • Catherine says:

    Hi Father,Having read the True Devotions and the Secret of Mary over a period of a few mohnts. I think I’m ready to be able to undertake this truly awesome consecration. I was frantically looking around for a book that could plan out the 33 day consecration and was very fortunate enough to have found your preparation book! My question relates to Day 3. I am struggling to think of something to give up, I was originally thinking of giving the gym up for the 33 days as I feel I suffer from inordinate self-pride (though I do have an office job that requires me to sit down, a lot). Another thought came to mind, I have been trying to sit myself down and work through my study bible. I recently read a quote from St. Jerome that ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Jesus. To grow in love of Jesus and facilitate a greater personal relationship aka Knowledge of Jesus then instead of giving something up, I could dedicate time to reading, and meditating over the gospels as I’ve been intending (for a very long time). This could be a mortification of self.What do you think of that idea?God love you Budwy

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