Couldn’t Be Born – Alive

I’m 77 and I couldn’t be born and the doctor said to my father, “We have to make a decision either, save the baby or the mother.” And my grandmother heard this and said, “No, we are going to save both.” Remember this is before MRI’s or ultra sounds. All my grandmother had was a little statue of the Lady of the Miracles, and according to my mother she prayed, “If she is born alive, Miracle will be her name.” Nonetheless, here I am and the doctors acclaimed, “It is a miracle!”

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  • Sindy says:

    Posted on Of course, I’m aldeary Catholic, I never questioned the devotions, veneration of Saints and the Virgin Mary. It’s just that the whole thing isn’t in my system’. I have been Presbyterian for a long time and got used to praying to God the Father, I’m not even used to praying directly to Jesus, let alone Mary and the Saints.

  • miraclesofchirst says:

    When Jesus taught us to pray, He addressed His prayer to God the Father, praying to God the Father is just wonderful and is very much celebrated in the Catholic Church. Fortunately, the beauty of the Catholic Church is that it is the only church Jesus founded so it contains all the teachings and traditions that were passed down from the disciples and Jesus himself…nothing removed. With the first Pope St. Peter, the consecutive Popes, all the Saints and Jesus’ Mother guiding us to eternal Joy in Heaven, one can rest assured that the Catholic Church has the Fullness of the Faith. It isn’t missing any of the help and assistance God has given us to find that pathway to heaven. Not only does the Catholic Church pray to God the Father, it prays to all three persons to our God one God and the saints too. Our Loving Father has never stopped directing us to Him through Jesus, the Holy Spirit, His Mother and the Saints. So when we ask others to pray for us, especially Mother Mary and the Saints, (which are in Heaven next to Jesus) you can be certain they will be praying for you and praying intensely for your cause. (even when you are not praying…they will be praying for you). They want to help you and guide you to Heaven. The Catholic Church also has so many other sacraments (blessings) Our Lord has given us to bring us His joy and peace to us on earth, and to guide us to eternal life . For instance the Catholic Church is the only church that has the actual presence of Jesus’ His body and Blood in Holy Communion and True Reconciliation (forgiveness of sins) as defined in the Bible and taught by the apostles….and so much more. So I invite you to look into enjoying the Catholic Church and the Fullness of the Faith. God Bless

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