Prayer only testimonials

Jesus Cured My Carpal Tunnels

About 9 years ago, in 2007, I brought a friend to a healing mass at St. Rita’s Catholic Church. She was suffering from a brain tumor, and I wanted to pray for her healing. The healing mass was quite long and in Spanish (a language I don’t speak lol). However, that didn’t deter God’s healing […]


Cured from Insomnia

More than twenty years ago I started to have problems sleeping. That is when I started taking medication to relax me and to help me get to sleep. It was at the beginning of my faith journey when God was calling me to do things that made me nervous and afraid. In retrospect I can […]


Brain Dead to New Brain

I was 33 when I delivered my second my child. He was 12 days old when I began to have severe headaches from the spinal. My blood pressure had gone way up. The doctor didn’t pay attention to me when I called him up, and I told him I couldn’t even open my eyes because […]