Jesus Cured My Carpal Tunnels

About 9 years ago, in 2007, I brought a friend to a healing mass at St. Rita’s Catholic Church. She was suffering from a brain tumor, and I wanted to pray for her healing. The healing mass was quite long and in Spanish (a language I don’t speak lol). However, that didn’t deter God’s healing power from changing our lives. After praying for my friend for hours, we went home. The next day, when I went to work, I noticed I could hold a pen and write more than two sentences without having to stop because of the pain. My chronic, debilitating duel wrist affliction was completely gone. No pills, braces or surgery. Wow! I didn’t even pray for myself at the healing mass. I spent the entire time praying for my friend and yet God healed me too. A few months prior to attending the healing mass, I remember casually praying to God while I was serving Him saying something to the effect, “Now God, if you want me to serve You, I’m going to need wrists that work”. I guess God remembered that request. By the way, my friend was healed too. 🙂 Our God is awesome!

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  • Badr says:

    Dear child, Please dont worry. Our heavenly Father will srleuy touch your dad and heal everything through his loving hands.Pray Jesus everyday ..Never lose your heart and never forget about him in all through your life..because JESUS says I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. Hebrews 13:5

  • christopher hodgson says:

    I love God he is awesome and amazing I have believed in God well since I was 5

  • christopher hodgson says:

    I also pray that I will always believe in God and I also pray that I will stop getting picked on by a lot of bullies

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