Brain Dead to New Brain

I was 33 when I delivered my second my child. He was 12 days old when I began to have severe headaches from the spinal. My blood pressure had gone way up. The doctor didn’t pay attention to me when I called him up, and I told him I couldn’t even open my eyes because of the pain. But something inside of me made me go to the emergency room.  Where I left my child with my mom who came all the way over from Ecuador to help me, thank God. When I arrived in the emergency room, they measured my blood pressure (I always run low 100/60) but during my whole pregnancy I was (120/80). I knew that was high, but the doctors again didn’t pay attention to me, and they said that was normal. But I didn’t feel normal, but I went with it. When they measured my pressure it was 148/87 it wasn’t so high, but for me it was real high. Right after that, I don’t remember anything. They said I went into convulsion, and I had a stroke and hemorrhage. Then at that time they wanted to perform brain surgery, and my husband who was inspired by the Holy Spirit and said, “Don’t touch her.” Then at the community hospital in New Jersey, they gave the diagnosis to my husband that my brain was dead and there was nothing else to do. I don’t know how, but they transported me to Philadelphia University Hospital Thomas Jefferson which is the best of the best. They also said my brain was dead and there was nothing else to do.

Then miraculously I just came back. I remember having a dream, and I had a conversation with God. I told him I was ready to go with Him, and I was kind of sad because He sent me back. Then when I was awake I wanted to be back with my kids since I had a 12 day old baby and a 4 year old kid. I was in the hospital for 6 days total. I was the only young person in the stroke unit, and I requested a breast pump and they provided it. Now the doctor said I had to take medicine for a year because I could get another convulsion. I said no, “I want to breast feed my child when I get home.” After arriving home, I breastfeed my son for a year and a half, and I never had any problems.

I left the hospital and the neurologist called me 4 weeks later. She performed all types of cat scans and test which she kept on sending back to the laboratory. I didn’t know what was going on, but then after a while of sending the scans back and forth, she determined it was the right patient. She said, “This is a real miracle, from a dead brain to a brand new brain.” The CAT scans were perfect.  I’m very grateful for the miracle God gave me. People were telling me that I should sue the doctor and sue this person and that person, but I had no concern for that because I was so grateful to God for the miracle. And this miracle occurred because of all the prayers that were said for me. There was a chain of prayers especially to the Virgin of Schoenstatt. I believe it was through Mary’s intersession (Mother Mary prayed for me) that God healed me.

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  • Olfa Rodas says:

    What a story Lucia! I do believe in miracles and you are one of them. GOD and the VIRGEN made it happen because it was not the time for you to leave.You still had a lot to do in this world my friend, raise your 2 beautiful babies, and also Jesus choose you to spread his word….”those who believe in my will be safe”….Love u and God Bless you Lucia…Olfa♡

  • Elena (Nene) Riestra King says:

    I have known Lucia for many years. Her mother, Elsie is one of my good friends in Ecuador. I remember she called me to ask me to pray for Lucia as they took her to PA to the hospital as she had a stroke. I told Elsie, “don’t worry about it, she will be fine, I just had that feeling.” Yes, it is a miracle and a miracle of prayers and specially for the strong faith that Lucia has and she has always had. I didn’t however, that she talked with God, so basically she had a “near death experience”. Bless her heart and for the example of faith she gives to all of us.

  • Guillermo says:

    Yes!!! I have the blessing of meeting Lucia, she is now an Angel who radiates the love of Jesus. Thank you Lord that you placed her in my path

  • Dr. Stephen Marques Matuszak says:

    This is an amazing testimony! I have known Lucia this past year and can testify to God’s grace at work in her and through her. It wonderful to know about her commitment to the Dominican Order as a tertiary and how she has lived this out faithfully for many years. Now is the time that our LORD is using her to touch many hearts, many of His children who do not know the richness of His Divine Mercy. May she be an instrument of Christ’s healing and blessing for all of them! Amen.

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