Ulcerated Diabetes Healed

My wife had ulcerated diabetes on her heal; she was bleeding. All they could do was to start pealing back flesh a little at a time. She couldn’t have any surgery done. We went up to a healing mass with a French Canadian Priest, he didn’t even speak English. We heard of him, through my daughter-in-law’s mother who is French. He is known to have a healing ministry among the French Canadians. We went there, and we told him what we needed through an interpreter. He prayed for us. We felt it. We got that feeling when you are touched in a healing. Then a well-dressed lady walked up to us and touched us and said, “I’m from a 3rd world country, claim your healing, you’re a Child of God.” Then she walked away. We turned to look for her and she was gone. My daughter-in-law.s mom related what happened to Fr. And Fr. Said, “I have an angel who helps me.”
That was a miracle, and they will keep on happening. Praise God!

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  • Nuray says:

    Dear child, Please dont worry. Our heavenly Father will surley touch your dad and heal everything through his loving hands.Pray Jesus everyday ..Never lose your heart and never forget about him in all through your life..because JESUS says I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. Hebrews 13:5

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