The Truth Made a Man Babble

I live in a community where solicitors and people who want to bring Jesus to others frequent my neighborhood. This past weekend, my doorbell rang, and my kids knew it was someone there to talk about Jesus so they called me to get the door. I opened the door and before me were two young men of college age. I immediately said, “Hi! What church are you with?” One of them responded, “The Church of Jesus.’ I thought to myself…hum, which faith is that? Anyway, then I said, “Well, I’m with the church Jesus himself founded, ‘The Catholic Church.”

Then I asked, “Did you know Jesus founded the Catholic Church?” and one of the young man kindly said, “yes.” Then I said, “Yes, the Church is wonderful…we go to Church every day and start all of our days giving Praise to Jesus….it is only 30 mns. long and delightful, our Church has the teachings and traditions that the apostles had and that of the first Pope (Peter).”

Then before they could say anything, I handed them an informational card (which I happen to keep on my foyer table for such occasions) titled, “The Requirements of Salvation.”

Then to my bewilderment, with card in hand, one of the young men began to speak. And I will never forget what came out of his mouth…it was only babble. I mean literally, the man spoke sentence after sentence saying only “Bla…bla…bla.” I’m a religious woman, and I’ve heard speaking in tongues before, and this certainly wasn’t that, and it surely wasn’t another language. It was just crazy… Bla, bla, bla, and then I sat there amazed for a little while and looked over at his friend with a look of astonishment saying to myself, “Do you hear what he is saying?” He still continued to babble, and then I said, “Thank you for coming.” And I turned around, closed the door, and went inside.

I guess the truth can make a man babble. God is so cool!

By the way I purchased the information card at

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  • Saripudin says:

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  • Yohana says:

    I would like to ask for prayer for giuadnce. I would like to ask for prayer for my finances. I would like to ask for prayer for true happiness and strength to put God back into my life as i was raised by both my mother and father.Thank you Jesus for always watching over me. Thank you for the trials and tribulations that you have guided me through, it has made me a stronger person. Thank you for my job. Thank you for the life that you have given me along with my children.Amen, Amen and Amen AgainI am so grateful for everything nad everyone.

  • Mesa says:

    Sandra, this is really a weondrful opportunity and adventure in praying for our hubbies! I’m following along (I’m behind just a tad bit) and both my hubby and I are so very blessed by this. Thank you for hosting this!

  • pop says:

    Posted by on October 15, 2011 at 3:39 am Hi Donna,Isn’t it interesting how you rfeerred to this incident as your magical story. Many consider such things as magical when it is just our faith producing the results that the bible tells us that it would, right? Faith can move mountains and God’s word tells us to ask, believe, receive. Many people have asked me if visualizations, affirmations work and have wanted me to share examples from my own life. I usually make it clear that although, I may use such tools, I always also pray to God. Thanks for sharing your story.Rachel Lavern recently posted..

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