God Cured My Heal Spurs at Healing Mass

About 25 years ago, I developed heal spurs, and the doctor said it was impossible to operate, and I would have to just live with it. So by that time, I had a prayer group at my house. We had about 30 people, and we meet on a weekly basis. There was this one friend of mine, she was diagnosed with cancer, and she was going to be operated on. And I heard about this priest, which was visiting from Sweden, who had the healing power from God…the gift of healing. So I asked my friend to go and let’s see what this priest is all about. We went and were sitting in the back of the church. The priest went into the back of the church and all of the sudden he said, “There are two people that are being healed from heal spurs” So, I thought, “heal spurs, that is what I have and the doctor said it would never go away!” The pain was horrible, every time I walked, there were nails in my heals. Then I started screaming, “That is me!” Then the priest interjected saying, “stand up.” So I stood up and stomped my feet and never again did I have any pain, and my friend was healed of her cancer too.

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