Cured from Leukemia

Twelve years ago, my sister Rose, who lives in Canada and is a nurse, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After 10 years of being cured, the cancer came back, and now two years ago she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She went to the doctor and did the tests, and the next day they told her to go into the hospital because it was very bad.

I called all her brothers and sisters, and we decided we were all going to pray the Divine Mercy for her, and that Sunday was the Divine Mercy feast. Every single person in our family, it didn’t matter what country we lived, we all went to church at 3:00pm (the hour Christ died) that Sunday and prayed for her.

A month later, when she went back into the doctor for her tests, she was cancer free. The doctor said, “I don’t know what happened. People after this treatment can be 80% – 90%, but with that type of Leukemia, (she had two types of Leukemia…the one for children and the one for adults), no one is 100% cancer free.

Now, it has been two years and she is 100% cancer free living happily with her husband.

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