Cancer Removed

My son was diagnosed with cancer. He had a tumor on his upper and lower lung and they wanted to remove his entire lung. They couldn’t do the surgery since he has heart, kidney and other problems.

I go to daily Mass most days, and after Mass there was a novena. And I called him to see how he was doing right after praying novena. He said, “ don’t worry mom; it was a false positive.” So that was our first miracle…no more cancer.

Then the doctors thought he had kidney problems since his legs were 10 times the normal size, and it was heart breaking. And a doctor found through medication, it could go away. Then I was praying the rosary, and I heard a voice as clear as anything, “Michael is healed.”

Michael went to the doctor a few days later and the doctor said everything looked real good. Of course he is going back for his final test and Michael said, “I don’t need to go, I’m all healed”.

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