Artery Blockage Cured

Another one of our greatest gifts is the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. That is a beautiful healing sacrament which the Lord has given us. And on many occasions, the experience I have had with this sacrament is miracle after miracle. Recently, a gentleman who is diabetic, and has had heart problems in the past went for a stress test, and they told him he had a blockage and it was going to be a serious operation. On Sunday, I went to give him the sacrament of the sick. Then on Tuesday morning, he went to Cleveland Clinic for the surgery. In preparation for the surgery, they discovered there was no blockage. I could repeat these stories over and over again. Christ supports us, and He is alive and well, and is with us every day. When we face traumatic experiences in our life, if we just turn to Jesus, He will heal us.

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  • ofelia says:

    please pray for my MOTHER to heal.she is verry sick&weak.pleaseLORDJESUS help my MOTHER.&protect.GODplease hear my prayer&bless her.she needs your JESUS name my MOTHER heal.amen thanks&bless us.amen

    • Semra says:

      Oh my Susan. I had no idea about all this. Father God I bring my blog friend, Susan, brofee your throne of grace and ask for her complete healing. By your stripes Susan is healed. Thank you Father for not only hearing our prayers but answering them. Amen.

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