Consecration to the Sacred Heart – long

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart – long
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I consecrate myself to Your Most Sacred Heart.
Take possession of my whole being; transform me into Yourself. Make my hands
Your hands, my feet Your feet, my heart Your heart. Let me see with Your eyes,
listen with Your ears, speak with Your lips, love with Your heart, understand
with Your mind, serve with Your will, and be dedicated with my whole being.
Make me Your other self. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, send me Your Holy Spirit
to teach me to love You and to live through You, with You, in You and for You.

Come, Holy Spirit, make my body Your temple. Come, and abide with me forever.
Give me the deepest love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus in order to serve Him with
my whole heart, soul, mind and strength. Take possession of all my faculties of
body and soul. Regulate all my passions: feelings and emotions. Take possession
of my intellect, understanding and will; my memory and imagination. O Holy Spirit
of Love, give me an abundance of Your efficacious graces. Give me the fullness of
all the virtues; enrich my faith, strengthen my hope, increase my trust, and inflame
my love. Give me the fullness of Your sevenfold gifts, fruits and beatitudes.
Most Holy Trinity, make my soul Your sanctuary.

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