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Without the priests there would be no church, no sacraments, and no salvation.
It needs to be with great seriousness and fervency that we pray consistently, with all of our hearts and souls, for our priests.We are the mystical body of Christ and are required to provide the spiritual support, through prayers, for our priests who are being viciously and constantly attacked by Satan and his demons.Holy priests are such a threat to Satan, he will stop at nothing in his attempts to bring one down. What are we doing to help? This great responsibility we have must not be ignored. The priests need us. God wants to use our prayers to sanctify their souls.

If Satan’s attacks results in a priest falling out of God’s grace, he not only has that priest’s soul but the souls of many others as well.
Being continously bombarded with evil means we must constantly pray for our priests’ sanctification.

Please sign up by filling out the form below, to distribute these prayer cards to your church and prayer groups. Continue to replenish the prayer cards when needed. Ask others to spread the necessity of prayer. You will be sent some prayer cards to leave at your church for the faithful to take and to use to pray for God’s chosen holy priests.


Who is more blessed than the least of God’s chosen priests? Nobody! The most blessed saint, who has the most amazing gifts from Our Lord, isn’t more blessed than God’s elect, His chosen priests (unless of course the saint is also priest). The magnificence of the priesthood is awe inspiring. Just look at their blessed hands, which the Spirit pours out of onto the gifts of the altar, and their holy lips by which they professes the prayers of consecration for transubstantiation (where God transforms the bread and wine into his actual body, blood, soul and divinity) which miraculously occurs during each celebration of the sacrifice of the Mass. How can we look at a priest as anywhere equal to us or speak with any disrespect toward them? Much prayer and understanding should be given for the battle they endure on a daily basis.

We need priests! With the declining number of men entering the priesthood, we’ll soon not have enough priests to satisfy the needs of the Church. Priests are already feeling burdened with the tremendous workload they face, since the laborers are so few. Sadly, many young men who have the desire to serve the Lord through the priesthood, aren’t responding to the call. Satan has distracted them with his promises of worldly joy which only leads to sorrow and death. Fortunately, there is nothing more powerful than prayer….but we need to pray and pray throughout each day for an increase in the priesthood, and encourage other to do the same. God will renew a passion in His chosen people.
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3 Responses

  1. I’m Bishop sosaya chauke senior pastor of Shalom assemblies of God my need is miracles of God in my life signs and wonders please I need help my faith to grow up thank you I believe you will help

    1. Dear Bishop Sosaya Chauke, You are in our prayers. May the Spirit of our most merciful Lord envelop you with the wisdom and knowledge you need to lead you and your congregation down the pathway of eternal life and enrich your life with great joy through self denial, caring the cross and following Christ..

      I encourage you to pray at 3:00pm (the hour Jesus died) which is the holy hour where God pours out His great mercy upon all who trust in Him. Visit the below website which will provide you with resources and empower you and others to pray during the holy hour; 3:00 pm..

  2. Iam reverend sosaya chauke iam need your card prayer for me I want to use it in my church I want see my church to grow big numbers more people come in my church please thanks

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