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Submit Prayer Request today and at Miracles of Christ we will pray daily for your requests for at least six months. We ask that you too lift up your needs to the Lord. When praying, go to the Lord with the real belief that He can cure and/or help you. Remind yourself what the Lord has done in the past for others and the miracles He is performing today. Believe in Him. Call out to God: “If it is Your will, please (your intention).” Remember you must be accepting with whatever the Lord wills for you. You must truly believe God will never allow anything to happen to you that would lead to your doom. If our Loving Lord wills you to suffer, then praise God and say, “Thy will be done”, take up your cross and follow Christ and ask the Lord for the strength to live His will. If the Merciful Lord wills to cure you or respond to your request exactly as you have asked then Praise God too. Either way, the Lord is calling you to Him and eternal life with all of your life’s trials and events. Remember don’t just pray once. Pray unceasingly to the Lord and ask Jesus’ Mother to pray for you too! Please remember to share your miracle with us after the Lord has granted your request. (please don’t put personal information you don’t want the whole world to know…this is the World Wide Web).

God wants to fill us with many graces; however, He needs us to open up our heart to Him. And that is done through prayer. So pray, even if it is hard, and pray some more. God is hearing you and wants to give you the graces you need. Don’t ever stop praying.That is when Satan can get into your soul. It is only through constant prayer that we can stay close to Christ. Also, be patient. God will answer you when He feels it is good for you, how He feels it is good for you. So sometimes God doesn’t answer us they way we think is best….it is always the way God knows is best. Trust in Him!

“In all circumstances, give thanks; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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