Leg Grew Right Before My Eyes

When I was a child, I was at a healing Mass with my sister (she was born with cerebral palsy), and her left leg was about four inches shorter than her right. Everyone at the healing mass was praying for her, and I actually saw her leg grow in front of me. When we walked out of church that night both her legs were the exact same size. Amazing!

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  • Poppy says:

    Oh Sandra, I’m in tears. Thank you. I just mourn for what those parents are going torguhh and yearn for what my GOD can do! Truly, Honey, it is a blessing to my heart knowing that others are praying. I had no idea what I was opening my life to when I began blogging and all I can say is, the Lord has blessed this part of my life by people like you!Love In Christ,Jennifer

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