Saving Souls through the Sacrament of Reconciliation

There is nothing more important than saving the souls of God’s people. Everything we do is in vain if we can’t prevent God’s children from dying with unrepentant mortal sin on their soul. Truly loving each person is realized by giving them the gift of eternal life. Nothing else can be of greater importance.

St. Pope John Paul II said in his apostolic letter Misericordia Dei: “Salvation is therefore and above all redemption from sin.” As men of God’s holy church, all priests have an incredible gift to give each parishioner: eternal life, through the sacrament of reconciliation. Our Lord entrusts His holy priests with the salvation of His people. What an awesome privilege and responsibility! That is why in 2002 St. Pope John Paul II instructed the church to make significant changes in regards to seeing that the body of the church receives confession regularly during times that would meet the needs of the community (ex. after work in the evenings). St. Pope John Paul requested, “…confessions be especially available before Masses…” (that is when the people are at the church)

The emphasis on educating the people of the church was also addressed in St. Pope John Paul II
Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte: “I am asking for renewed pastoral courage in ensuring that the day-to-day teaching of Christian communities persuasively and effectively presents the practice of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.”

I want to work with the church to ensure that the decrees of St. Pope John Paul II will be fulfilled. Included in this presentation are some suggested bulletin ads, inserts, posters, and handouts to help educate the Catholic community. After the parishioners are reminded of the utmost importance being reconciled with God before their hour comes, the confessionals should be filled with the faithful wanting to save their souls. Many churches have implemented the changes requested by the pope and have found great success with large numbers of their parishioners frequenting confession. I understand the burden priest already feel due to the harvest being few, but I know if we are obedient and trust, God will bestow a way for you to educate and provide life saving Reconciliation to God’s children for their salvation.

The bulletin inserts, ads, and posters are on the enclosed flash drive and are also available for download on

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